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Hi guys just wanted to show you guys my new setup. Ive had a dilemma every since wanting to choose water cooling as my new project. I was worried about water blocks and compatibility across reference/ non-reference . So I thought about going with a universal block setup so I could keep it and use it no matter what team I support or whether it is a regular or a custom card. The problem with universal blocks though is you have to think about the other board components and often times it will involve heat sinks gluing and a whole bunch of hassles we prob would rather not fool with. So I went with the universal gpu approach but I also made a PCI fan slot card. I bonded 3x90mm fans to a pci shield. The close proximity of the card to the gpu allows me to forgo all gluing and making heat sinks for the card. The fan card is quiet but powerful enough to not only handly the Vram's, but all the VRM's aswell. Prior to my project my VRM temps were averaging around 50c at idle and the gpu core liked to sit at 38c, afterwards My core temp is 27c and my VRM temps are now 28c on low fan and ambient under full fan card speed, which mind you is still quiet. Arctic cooling makes some very nice 90mm fans. Load conditions are awesome aswell. I have completely achieved my goal of having a universal gpu cooling solution that I should quickly be able to adapt to any and all card Nvidia and AMD alike.

Please let me know what you think about my setup and if you think im crazy for not running with any heatsinks.