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i month ago i bought a pavilion 24xw for 150 bucks, after much research. Since then i treated it like a son, being the first brand new monitor i ever bought (the other one was a reconditioned HP LP2065, six years ago). Some days ago i spotted a stain of 1 cm in diameter on it, and after attempting to clean it, i discovered that it wasn't dirt, but some kind of dark spot. It is hardly noticeable if not on a really white background, and even then you have to not stare directly at it. Here is a pic (it is even less noticeable here, it is best observed when the pic is zoomed out) the circle is dark grey because a bright color makes it less visible.

Now, the question is, is it a fabric defect? I'm not an expert, but since i mounted it the monitor, i didn't even clean it once (after noticing the spot it was the first time), nor did any object impact with the screen. But, who knows, maybe i stared too much at it, or i sneezed too hard. I'd like to know from your experience if after i file an RMA those guys won't accuse me of sitting or dragging my willie on it.
Thanks in advance.
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