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Hello guys, today my Samsung S24F350FHUXEN or just S24F350FHU came and so far it is just as expected. I activated freesync and configured the display brightness,contrast and gamma and got pleasantly surprised when I found that I have a higher refresh rate than I was expecting and that the panel has barely any backlight bleed thumb.gif

But I have a problem with the white color, it's too damn yellow for me. I expected as mutch for a cheap IPS panel but it's really obvious as I run the Samsung monitor besides my old BenQ 22" VA panel monitor that I now use as a secondary display. For the BenQ I found in the wild full configuration settings and it made that display look really good but I can't seem to find any for the Samsung.

I messed a bit with the color settings and got the white a bit less yellow but I would appreciate any help. (red:43 green:40 blue:50) I think the same tipe of panel is used in at least 3 diferent models so if anyone knows any good setings for any Samsung PLS display in this price range it should work.
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