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Hello all, first post to this forum and it's my first custom loop where I needed to chop up the case. I'd love to know what you all think! I know the tube color is bad, I had originally planned to sleeve the tubing, but that turned out to be more effort than it was worth to me. I plan to get a second Fury X and when i do I'll swap the tubing.

The only new parts in this build are the cpu block, gpu block, tubes, and some of the fans. I put in a total of 720mm worth of rad. Hardest part to find was the vrm water block for the asus crosshair v formula z.. I got mine from some guy on kijji. Im in the US...

Parts list is as follows:

Cpu: 9590
Gpu: Fury X
Mobo: Crosshair V Formula Z
Ram: AMD R9 16gb 2400
HDD: 5tb
SSD: 500gb Crusial M5, AMD 480gb

Rads: 480mm rad, xspc 240mm rad
Pump/Res combo: XSPC Photon
CPU Block: Apogee XL
GPU Block: Heatkiller with backplate
Vrm block: EK-FB ASUS C5F-Z

Here is where I had to cut space for the 480mm rad. There are other builds with this case where they had to forgo the IO panel. That was not an option for me, so I got a rad that only JUST fit. had to jam it in a bit but it fit on the underside.

Anywhere not green got cut.

For mounting I borrow an idea from another build online where the two center strips that holes. You see them in the previous photo.

Using this and some clip holes for the top plastic let me mount the rad under the top of the case. Which in turn let me have the fans on top of the case.

The fans I had came with the 480mm rad. They were old, loud, and 25mm tall. This turned out to be too tall for me to place the top cover on.

So i found some pwm 20mm height silent fans. They are pretty awesome.

Here you can see two back plates. These were actually the mounting plates for a hotswap board that came with the case. It was perfect for mounting the res to and I recommend them for any case. I bought a second one straight from Cooler Master and they fit any drive bay.
You can also see my original plan for sleeved tubing.

I had to desolder and remove the usb 3.0 ports here has they were literal ports with cables in them. Made it too long ti fit with the fans in place. I mulled around with the idea of soldering the wires directly, but figured it wasnt worth the effort.

My fancy work for mounting the res. The plate for the res is aluminum, so it was very easy to drill through and is removable from the res itself.

The blue is gunk from dyed water that the shipper left in the tube along with those push in fittings. Took a while to clean it out completely. From the looks of the fans and this rad I think he had a leak. Rad doesnt have leaks thankfully.

My attempt at decent cable management.

And finally how it looks from the front. I originally planned to sleeve the cable, and got blue cable a while back when my motherboard was blue. I did not have time to replace the tubing as I had a lan party to attend in 2 days. If I discovered sooner how impossible sleeving was I would have gotten rad and black cable.

If you look closely at the lower left of the cpu block I actually had to cut part of it out to fit next to the vrm block. This was something I expected from reading online. Had to cut riiiight up to the screw, but i can still remove it if I want to sell it on for intel mounting.

I had to do the tube this way on the left so that I could actually lean the res backward. This is the only way I could fill it up since there is about half an inch of clearance between the 480mm rad and the res.

Some how it all booted up on the first try with no issues!! The hard drives are hidden under the PSU cover with the AMD drive on top.

Added lights to the 480mm rad, not sure if I like it or not.

Didnt have a small enough red LED to replace the photons white and blue leds. If they sold it with a red one I did not get it from the seller. White is fine for now.

Part of my goal was a stock look from the outside.

Looks Pretty good IMO

Thanks for taking a look
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