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Mamba TE vs. Deathadder

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Hi ! I need a new mouse. I love Deathadder (have best hand ergonomics for me) but i look for Mamba TE. Is little expensive as D.A.. Have the same or better ergonomics ?
A two years ago i tested a G502 and i was very disappointed - but Mamba looks very similar to Deathadder. Now i use a Chroma edition of D.A. And i really don´t know - bought a familiar mouse or Mamba ?
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There are no such thing as "better ergonomics", it depends on your preference
They are not that same btw
Clicks: DA struggles with different actuation force for left and right clicks(mamba's clicks are more consistent and a bit stiffer)
Wheel: Mamba's wheel steps are lighter than DA's, and it feels the same if you roll it upwards or downwards(DA's wheel feels different in that case, and can be pretty loud if you roll it upwards)
Side clicks(wheel ones) feels NICE AND CRUNCHY
Side buttons: A lot(or even all) mamba's side buttons rattle a bit, just like DA 3.5g's, and not as snappy as chroma's(which are kinda perfect imo)
Cable: same...ish...
Weight: almost the same, but mamba felt more balanced for me
Shape: mamba doesn't have that prominent "hump"
Materials: Same-ish, again.. but mamba has more rubber on sides
Sensor: Not sure how mamba's sensor is now, but some time ago it had some problems with slow movements, but it's good anyways
Also people say that chroma's sensor is snappier, won't argue with that
Other: Mamba has more and brighter lights... and DPI switches
Sooo... uhhh... if sensor's "perfectness" isn't your n1 priority(which it shouldn't be), then you can try mamba
She's good
And she wants some love too
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Why do you want a Mamba if you love your deathadder?
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I need another mouse to work. OK i buy another Deathadder. Thank you smile.gif
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DA, easy.
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Have newest DeathAdder Elite any fatal error ? I have Chroma version, but Elite have DPI switch buttons (this i loose on standard deathadder). Or new Gladius II - looks he have a sensor from G502 and shape looks similar - but i can´t make a blind test, is relative expensive...
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Mamba more comfortable for palm, da better sensor. That's only input I have! tongue.gif
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