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Hi guys,

just got an AMD Radeon HD 8570 (Oland with 384 SPs) with 2 GB of GDDR3 RAM. This GPU is clocked at 780 MHz, while its rebrands go way higher (R7 250 is clocked at 1050 MHz).
I wanna squeeze this GPU as much as I can: right now I edited the BIOS with VBE7, setting 1050 Mhz and 1150 Mhz as default clock for GPU and GDDR3 RAM respectively.

As R7 250 can be vbios-modded (a few go up to more than 1200 Mhz), I tried to increase the GPU voltage as well, going from 1.000 Volt to 1.125 Volt (this is the only increased volltage VBE7 allows me to choose) to gain a few more MHz, but after I flash it on the GPU (via AtiFlash), only the GPU/RAM speed got increased, while GPU voltage does not.

Has anyone an idea?

Thank you in advance biggrin.gif