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Overclock stability and software compability

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Hi guys i want to ask about overclocking and software stability

I have sapphire radeon 7730 2GB DDR5
its default clock are 800 mhz but i can overclock it to 996 and 1044 mhz with max temp around 62c at full load for hour of gaming

My question is some games and benchmark will restart when i'm using 1044 while using 996 will only do little perfomance

for example alien vs predator benchmark dx 11 , only have 1 fps jump using 996 mhz clock but will have 10 fps more if using 1044 mhz

Another example is FF 14 heavensward benchmark, using 996 mhz clock will yield 10% perfomance increase while using 1044 also yield 10% perfomance increase over the 996 mhz clock

Games like far cry 3 will restart the gpu driver when using 1044 mhz clock but not the game, some games even lagging with 1044mhz

So it seems some games/benchmark like the 1044mhz clock giving a good perfomance jump while yield small result with 996mhz while some other will have crash and gpu driver crash with 1044mhz while have a little perfomance jump on 996 mhz clock?

i need opinion guys

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You might have to OC your RAM a little bit to get to a sweet spot.

You can overclock your GPU, but if the RAM isn't fast enough, it will hold the GPU back (it will have to wait for the RAM) and you will not see a benefit.
The crashing may be caused by this imbalance of RAM and GPU frequencies or maybe the card just doesn't like that particular GPU frequency.

The differences in performance could again be attributed to this balance, as one game may use a lot of VRAM and therefor not see much benefit from the GPU overclock because it has a lot of waits, whereas the other game might not use much RAM, or uses it more efficiently (better game engine) and so you see the benefit from the GPU only overclock.

Also, no matter what you do, you will probably see only a few frames per second of improvement, but where you should see more improvement is your minimum fps and the average time between frames which will improve the feeling of smoothness of your games.
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