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6700k temps

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Hello, i recently build my skylake system and while everything seems to be working fine, there is something weird with idle temps.

With an ambient temp of around 24-25c, it is impossible to have the cores running below that and even less with an air cooling, but it is showing:


Only the cpu package shows what i believe would be the correct idle temp:

cpu package:27c

so, do i have a faulty dts sensors? can this make load temps show incorrectly too?

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Relax- its normal.
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But why it's not showing correctly? i read that they can be innacurate at low temps, but 8-10c off?
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Intel's DTS sensors are designed and calibrated for thermal throttling and thermal shutdown control. They were never intended to be used for accurate idle temperatures. At the calibration point, their accuracy is only +/- 5°C and when the CPU is idle, their accuracy is far worse than that. They tend to read too low when the CPU is idle. The majority of DTS sensors that Intel has used in the last 10 years are like this. As long as your CPU is not thermal throttling, all is good.
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As others said this is entirely normal. I have experienced this ever since the first amd k7 system that had temperature sensors.
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