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I would love to spend under $500 (just around $500 seems just right). Any suggestions? Thanks so much for the help.

Things I care about (in order):
  • 14inch to 16 inch screen
  • Nice Keyboard (it would be used mostly for typing lots for work)
  • I'd like to be able to do a 4K output (via HDMI or DP) to a large TV for movies, internet (especially youtube and twitch). Obviously, doesn't need to work for games. I'd like to be able to have one Firefox page open with 5-6 tabs, a few youtube videos in 1080p or 4k, and maybe one or two VLC videos going on.
  • SSD (maybe 128GB)
  • Ideally a 1TB HDD (but I could do an external drive I guess)
  • Good battery life
  • Windows operating system

Things I do NOT care so much about:
  • Touchscreen. I don't really want one.
  • Gaming. I love watching Twitch but[/listNum] I can't play any computer games these days.