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I have a new Dell server(R710) and bought a used HP monitor.
On the first day of connection to the server, the display is coming but again getting blacked out after 3 seconds with out of range display on the screen.
It also says, current Hz is 70hz and recommended is 60hz.
As of now I tried the below steps, but nothing worked

1) Tried to change the setting to 60hz by using safe mode, still black screen
2) Tried vga option in safe mode, still black screen after 3 seconds with the same error. Even though input is 60hz, its getting black.

After rebooting the server, the setting is again coming as 70hz. Tried to connect the monitor to laptop and it was working fine.

Please do let me know the fix for this as changing setting from desktop--> screen resolution--> monitor/adapter is not helping.

Thank you in advance.