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So I am trying to decide on a new FreeSync monitor. I am aiming for a 24" 1920x1080 as I feel it would be the most realistic option to pair with my soon to be here RX 480 that I won from AMD on Twitter.

Nixeus NX-VUE24B (24" TN 1920x1080 144hz 1ms)

Acer XF240H (24" TN 1920x1080 144hz 1ms)

Samsung CF390 (24" VA 1920x1080 60hz 4ms) Max FreeSync range is 72hz which it can be overclocked to with ease

Insert other models here

Aesthetically I like the Samsung the best. I am pretty sure that it will have the best display quality as well. It falls short in the response/refresh category though. Although, with a RX 480, wouldn't 60fps (72fps potentially) be more realistic performance wise anyways?

I really wish I could find out which panel is better between the Acer and Nixeus....