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Rough feet and pad combo for G303 and low sens

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Hello guys,

After a couple rebuilds (changing cable, studying the internals) the G303 feet I have aren't in a perfect state, to put it politely. The mouse seems to be built like that on purpose, but that's not the point here. What I liked about the feet when the mosue was brand new was how soft and sticky they were. I have a Bloody V3M with metal feet and it's basically uncontrollable, especially compared to the G303. But lately, as I've been trying to make the switch to a higher resolution in BF4, I've realized I need even more stability than I currently have. That is, I want grippy feet and a non-slippery mousepad. At the moment, it's stock G303 feet that I'd like to replace due to them being deformed to an extent, and the A4Tech X7 plastic mousepad, shiny in certain places, of which I use the rough side, of course.

The sough-after combination is described above. Maybe a cloth pad will do as well, never used them. The most important aspect is that the jerks and slips are eliminated as fully as possible, and that the mouse stays put when it should.

In case it matters, I'm a low sens guy, currently trying out 1800 DPI * 0.02 for the sake of playing FullHD with decent aim. Other than that, I typically use 450 * 0.12 or 800 * 0.05, and a small window.
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You might wanna try a thick pad, something like a QCK Heavy/Mass or Glorious Heavy. But most cloth pads will provide more stopping friction than what you're using.

Also, I don't think you're a "low sens" player based on the numbers you provided lol.
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Hmm, well, I use lower sens that what most players use; and then every mouse DPI is different! When I switched to teh A4tech V3M for a short while, well I had to go from 12 to 18 with the same 450 DPI because it felt a lot slower. So go figure!

And, I've been using 400 * 6 (I think) in bf3 so I know what low is "lol" tongue.gif
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I've been using the Rantopad H1X for a while, and I prefer it to the Hyperx Fury I had before. The Hyperx was very slick, and this one's fairly rough, seems to work better for me. Plus it looks nice.
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you don't need to BUY rough feet.

Just take the feet off.. believe me, it gets ROUGH.thumb.gif
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Well, yeah, may sound funny, but I really find it hard to control mice with slippery feet ^^

The default ones are reasonably sticky though, I liked them, but as said above, they get severely deformed after a couple rebuilds.

Maybe my hands are bad and I can't control the mouse properly? No idea, but it feels like I've described in the OP, more or less.
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Well, got a Qck plain (nothing other than Qck in the name), so far so good, the mouse feels "put" a lot more than it used to be. Will see how it goes further on. Honestly, I'd be glad to have this since day 1 when I started playing BF years ago, but who would've known. I used to have much worse aim than nowadays anyway. Sometimes I get 30% in BF3 with the SCAR-H e.g. =] Or 23-25 in BF4. Hopefully with this mat I'll be able to play FullHD, and not limit myself to a small window. (Yeah donno what the connection is, but I have terrible aim playing on a 24" display.)

Thanks for the advice mate!
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