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GPU fan at 100%, screen goes black

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Alright so im currently putting together a new build with a couple of parts i have lying around, and my recently installed GTX 970 seems to be causing some issues.

The card was quite loud on idle with fan speed of about 50-75% up until i installed the drivers, which fixed that completely, however now whenever i launch something even slightly gpu-intensive, it's fan immediately jumps to 100% and after about 3 seconds the screen goes black, and the only solution is to reboot. Some situations this happens in is when i try to launch any game, when i have too many internet tabs/programs open, or even sometimes when i logon to Windows after startup. This makes it very difficult to get much of anything done

At first I thought maybe it's overheating and crashing, however that wouldn't make any sense since my cpu and motherboard idle at around 35°C, so I don't see how my gpu could be much higher. I also considered that maybe the card has too much power draw for the psu, but that wouldn't make much sense either, given that the 970 is around a 145W device, and it should easily be getting that.

Here's my current specs:

Win7 64-bit
Intel i3-2100 (soon to be replaced with i7-3770k)
ASUS P8H61-M LE/CSM motherboard (soon to be upgraded to Intel DZ75ML45K)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 Reference edition

Anyhow, if anyone has any knowledge or suggestions about this issue, I would be very grateful for any advice smile.gif
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I am assuming you have an insanely unstable overclock loading with Afterburner or Precision from a previous card or something along those lines. Sounds like exactly what happened to my brothers PC when he "somehow" ran afterburner @ +1000/+1000.
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When that happens to me it's because my psu can't provide enough voltage to stay within atx spec.

That said I run classified cards with high overclocks and overvoltage.

Is your 970 overclocked?
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It shouldn't be overclocked at all, I recently bought it still factory sealed and the current temporary motherboard I have doesn't support overclocking. I do plan to overclock it though when I get my new board.
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Alright so I went ahead and got HW Monitor to take a look at the GPU temps. Under idle it seemed fairly decent averaging around about 55°C, and I took a screenshot of the data to show the overall temps and also the CPU temps as a comparison.

IDLE: cWWlvoC.png

However, when I went into a game with the HW Monitor open, the GPU temps slowly started to climb up to finally 96°C in only about 10 seconds, while the CPU temps stayed almost entirely the same. I took a picture with my phone less than a second before the screen went black, when it was at 94°C.

LOAD: mN10UDf.png

So apparently it is overheating and shutting off, although im still baffled as to how this could be, seeing how the rest of the components are perfectly fine under load, and that I have ample amount of cooling in my case to ensure this couldn't happen.
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Thinking that maybe it's overheating because the thermal paste was sparse or not making good contact, I went ahead and took apart the card, cleaned off the thermal paste, and then applied some more, and after putting it back together I'm still getting the same results and it still crashes. Interestingly enough, I took out the GTX 660 from my previous build and tried it in this one to see if it did the same thing, but it was perfectly fine. Even under load it stayed beneath 50°C and it never crashed.
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What are you using to stress test the card?
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Well first I tried some of my steam games as well as Valley Benchmark, but those would overheat it almost instantly. Then I tried Hearthstone, something much less demanding, and it crashes after a few minutes usually, or when I start a game. So it seems the more processing it has to do, the faster it crashes.
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