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I am looking into buying a new monitor and my budget is around $500-$550 AUD. Since I am from Australia, choice may be limited and also more expensive here. I used to have a BenQ RL2455HM and was going to get a second one to complete my setup, but decided it was not worth to pay $250 for a 1ms response time, when I could possibly get a 144hz 1ms monitor from Korea for the same price.

I have narrowed down my choices to between:

two 144hz 24" monitors from Korea
two 1080p 27" monitors
single 27" monitor with 1440p where in the future I can possible get a second.

I am a casual gamer, watch youtube and movies a decent amount and love a big real estate for windows and browsers. I have heard that increasing the resolution of a monitor can possibly make it similar to an ultrawide (which is good!!), but I decided not to go with an ultrawide due to most youtube videos, movies and games not supporting 21:9 and because I've heard that ultrawides tend to be TOO small vertically unless you get a monitor over 32"

Please recommend any suggestions or ideas you may have to assist me in deciding!