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Help on Memory Decision

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So im about to buy some new components and not like the other parts of modern hardware the right choice of memory is not getting easier imho so i hope some of you memory experts could help me.

I need to find a good memory config for the following setup:

Asus Rampage V Edition 10 + i7 6900k in a custom water loop including the memory. i wan't to push the 6900k at least to 4ghz, 4.2 will be the target 4.4 would be nice but i doubt that will be the case cause of the OC problems of the Broadwell-E.

I thought it would be best to go with 3000-3200ghz on the memory because of the fact that for one the mainboard only official supports up to 3333, that i will overclock the CPU quite a bit and high memory OC + cpu OC is not a thing which work most of the time and last but not least i need 8 modules (8x4gb) because of the aesthetics and the watercooling fact.
So i decided to go with 3000-3200 to have enough room on the CPU OC without to worry that the memory controller cant handle the high memory speeds and full 8 banks.

At the moment i would go with either the Corsair Dominator 3000 CL15-17-17-35 or Corsair Dominator 3200 CL16-18-18-36 but as far as i understand all this memory stuff in the end both are exactly identical speedwise?

Any suggestions? Should i rethink my descision with 3000-3200 and go with much higher speed or is my amateurish knowledge about the two Dominator wrong? What would you guys do smile.gif
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The most important thing to know is you need a single binned kit. Don't buy two kits of the "same" type and expect a smooth ride. Getting 8 sticks to run at 3000 or 3200 can be a task in itself if the CPU IMC is weak.

Broadwell E is supposed to have a good IMC but "much higher" than 3200 you will not go.
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yeah that is also a problem. i wanted to use 2x16gb quadkits and pray, cause they don't ship 8 module kits in 32gb and 64 is just so unessesary...
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I've not seen praying help much with mixing memory I'm sorry to say redface.gif I really would not go that route...

Certainly don't watercool the memory until it is rock stable....pulling memory and troubleshooting when it's already under water would be a nightmare.

3200 is a sweet spot for performance on this platform
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Is it really that bad on x99? I bought a second pair of 16gig sticks for my current build (2400 corsair vengeance pro on an asus maximus vii formula powered by an 4790k (which has an default of 1600)) literaly one year after the first one and had no problems whatsoerver.

Oh and ofc i will test everything before i put waterblocks on it, it is not my first custom loop smile.gif
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Hard to tell sometimes....see lots of threads with people with problems...

The mainstream platform is a lot more forgiving in that regard...but you can get unlucky on that too...

Up to you in the end...can always see if you can get away with it...helps if you get the RAM from someone with an easy returns policy wink.gif
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