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Hey so to start off I don't have a ton of money and I'm using a acer micro atx motherboard from a prebuilt pc (aspire x3950) It is moved into a different case and all yes. It is a old 1156 cpu (core i7 860, very old but works pretty great for what I do and play). The problem is that the dual slot graphics card I put in blocks the front IO headers such as usb 2.0 and the headphones/mic, the power and reset headers are elsewere so that is no problem. Is there a way to get around this? I don't want to do anything risky and I was thinking about right angle header extenders or something but I am not sure. I cant afford another motherboard and such at the moment. The gpu I have is a XFX 6870, Im probably upgrading to a EVGA or ZOTAC 1060 next month.Created with GIMP