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For Trade:
WANTED - R9 nano/furyX or RX480

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am looking for an R9 Nano or FuryX for trade for my Custom RX480 plus cash from me OR My R9 Nano for your RX480 plus cash from you

The RX480 has been modified as you can see in the pictures. It is an XFX BE (1328mhz stock) with the backplate. I'll include all original hardware/cooler and it will come in the original packaging as well. I've been able to achieve 1415/2200 stable with a little bit of effort but I currently run it at 1380 @ 1175 mv / 2200 @ 975mv. - 14777 gfx score

Benchmarks I've done to show its performance at 1405/2200-

Temps are really great compared to the stock blower. Even overclocked to the hilt I never saw core temps reach over 70c, vrm's under extended load never climbed above 80. Much much better performance wise than the stock blower.

The R9 nano is a PowerColor card, stock cooler.


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