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Feeling the need of pushing CPU/RAM harder after upgrading GPU as I'm getting slight bottlenecking. Been doing CPU/GPU overclocking some time but total newbie in ram overclocking.

My Kingston HyperX Fury 2400MHz 2X8GB 15-15-15-35-421-2T can overclock to 2800MHz at 16-17-17-36-490-2T at 1.28V (higher doesn't help tightening timings, changing tRFC and CR always get blue screens) with either XMP on/off, but once trying to go for 2933 everything just snapped. Very loose timings wouldn't help. Raising ram volt/vccio to 1.35/1.25 wouldn't help. Haven't touched BCLK but still feels like something's wrong with these appalling results.

I've seen quite some users who managed 3000MHz at least. Am I doing something wrong or it could be down to my cheapest Z170 Gigabyte mobo and also 4.8GHz i5 overclock? (also had to raise core voltage by a tad to keep CPU stable after overclocking RAM)
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