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ok here goes cpu to case 6 inches
middle of cpu to gpu 3 inches
middle of cpu to ram 2 inches
ram 1.5 inches high
anything else ask please
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Originally Posted by J0 J0 360 View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
ok here goes cpu to case 6 inches
middle of cpu to gpu 3 inches
middle of cpu to ram 2 inches
ram 1.5 inches high
anything else ask please
I will assume those measurement are accurate to 1/32 inch.
6" = 153 mm
3" = 76 mm
2" = 58 mm
1.5" = 38 mm

153mm means we are limited in what coolers will fit.
76mm is more than enough clearance
58 mm is good
38 above motherboard is 33mm above CPU surface, so 120mm from top of RAM to case. Could you check this measurement? That way we know for sure if 120mm fan will clear RAM. wink.gif

I'll suggest a few small tower coolers as they have less issues with case airflow heat buildup. Not knowing what your budget is makes it kinda hard.

TRUE Spirit 120 coolers
Macho 120 coolers
Fuma (the best of this list .. almost as good as the best)
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It will be this evening before I can check. But ram is from flush with board. Cpu measurement was taken from maybe a mm off cpu. But trying to give worst case measurement. All of the measurements I gave have had a Lil added or taken away just to make sure I didn't run into problems. The pic was right after I bought the system. When I took numbers stock heat sink was not on just the cpu. Tried to give best numbers I could smile.gif the scythe fuma looks like it will seen out to me as I may order before I leave work today. Question tho when place on cpu would it be better to have fans blowing from ram to back of case or back of case to ram?
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Sorry if that didn't make since I'm on phone at work. Anyways. So the ram is only around 1 3/4 inches higher than the cpu give or take a lil. I like the look of the fuma as I was looking at the noctua which looks about the same. Also if not the fuma thoughts on a cooler master GEMINI I s524 ver 2? It's about the same price on Newegg as the fuma
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Fuma is capable of cooling much more heat than your 91w TDP CPU makes, but I think of coolers as long term investments to be used on more than one build.

From cooler to back of case is generally best.
In your Asus M32CD, what is the airflow layout?
How many intake fans, how many exhaust fans and where are they placed in your case?
It looks like the PSU draws air from inside the case and there is a rear vent, but I cannot see any other venting.

RAM 1.5" above CPU does not give room for a 120mm fan between RAM and case.
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I guess the case has a front vent near bottom and a back vent below PSU. I don't know what size fans will fit these vents. 120mm fans have 105mm mounting hole spacing. Assuming that is what will fit I would mount a couple case fans; front intake and rear exhaust.

Is the CPU fan header 3-pin or 4-pin? Is it variable voltage control or PWM?

I would not get in a rush to order cooler until you figure out how your case is going to flow air. wink.gif
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That's a old pic. So on back of case you have the psu. Plus a 92 mm intake fan. Bottom of front side of case you have another 92 mm intake fan. The side is vented. The i5 6400 running on a 3.4 overclock has yet to get over 65°c in prime with the stock cooler. And my gpu stays around 65°c as well when gaming. Most of the time my gpu fan never comes on. Which it a set to come on at 60°c. When just normal gamimg my cpu stays right at 60°c
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Okay, so if back vent is intake we do not want to mount cooler blowing toward it.

But the potential problem is the PSU is drawing some of tha tair and blowing it out it's back vent .. creating a circular flow reusing the same air over and over making it hotter and hotter. A divider between PSU exhaust and rear intake will help this problem .. assuming there is nothing above the case to stop air from flowing up and away for PSU exhaust.
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Guess I should read while post before I comment back. Case fan header is a 4 pin. Pretty sure cpu fan is a 4 pin as well. I'll have to check yet again after work sorry sir. Reason I use 2 intake fans is didn't know if 92 mm fans could pull and push air across whole case so I went 2 intake. Of course I can flip one if you think that would be better tho.bottom half of side cover is vented. I'd be happy to upload pic of that as well. Yes the ram had me worried as well that's why I had been looking at the Gemini from cooler master
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Also I know I'll need to pull mother board from system to install a back plate so I may go ahead and do that to make getting measurements more accurate. I'm in no real rush to order
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