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So, my new STRIX is doing something immensely frustrating. After restarting my computer after setting the card to 100% fan spin in the ASUS Tweak 2 utility, I've been unable to have my card's fans spin at anything other than 0% or 100%. Clean reinstallation of the drivers (or different versions) has yet to solve the issue. Removing the Tweak 2 utility hasn't solved the issue. Reinstalling the Tweak 2 utility hasn't solved the issue. Adding or removing external fans to the 4 pin headers hasn't solved the issue. MSI afterburner hasn't solved the issue. Fan spin registers as 0% in both MSI afterburner and Tweak 2, regardless of if the fans are at 0% or 100%.
Previously, the fans were adjustable. I've had the card less than 8 hours. Help?