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Hi there, believe it or not, I just picked this keyboard up for £4 ... (about 6 dollars), some nutter at a car boot sale (for americans, think multiple yard sale on an open field). Also picked up a funky ajazz ak27 for £2 from the same pitch. It was a good day... biggrin.gif

Fully working I'm happy to report.

Ive never really understood the sudden want of mechanical keyboards over the last few years, this stems from the fact that ive been a pc gamer for 20+ years and in the mid 90's we were all collectively throwing our mechanical keyboards in the bin en mass. I have however, always missed the click clunk. FYI the BBC micro had a gorgeous mechanical keyboard.

So ive picked this up today, installed the software and was boggled to learn the keyboard has 2 arm processors inside it... So tell me, what do you use yours for, and what additional benefit do you get from it? The software GUI is a menace to sensible workflow but Roccat are German and the Germans gave us X3, a game for which a degree in particle physics is required to move your ship... rolleyes.gif

Thanks all smile.gifsmile.gif

p.s. the blue is horribly glowy even on low light, i can see my soldering iron and 110 amber led's being used soon enough.