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This is another continuation of my "build a cheap folding machine with a powerful GPU" series of posts. In my possession is an Nvidia "Npro" chipset Supermicro motherboard with the ID H8SMi-2 Rev 2.01 (which supposedly can support AM2+ and AM3 processors up to quad cores, and perhaps vaguely the six cores.) Now, the catch here is that this board is absolutely ancient from prior to 2010.

I remember reading a while ago that in order to support add on cards in the PCI-e bus with more than 4GB of addressable memory, you have to also have a motherboard which supports higher "MMIO" ranges like 44 or 64 bit. Therefore, if I wanted to throw a GTX 1080 on this to fold with, I may not be able to bootup as GTX 1080s come with 8GB VRAM which will fight with what can be allocated in this IO buffer thing.

This apparently was also partially the downfall of supporting the Xeon Phi card in some motherboards as you needed this extended space as well, and some sort of explicit support for the cards. Now, a GTX 1080 is not really a Xeon Phi, but the same concerns apply.

The manual has little info on what I can interpret as MMIO address range (except for some sort of mention of a "PCI Memory Hole" around 4GB,) and the only lead I can find is this Linux dump on Pastebin:

On there, I am finding some MMIO references with two 32 bit hexadecimal numbers that look promising, but I am not sure if this means total 64 bit support for PCI-e, or if this is not even related to what I am talking about at all.

TL;DR, can I slap a GTX 1080 on this Supermicro H8SMi-2 board and fold with it? Or is it not going even going to boot?