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Hi again guys. So 2 years ago I bought with a friend an FM2+ system barely new. The price was a steal. I kept the next parts from the case:

AMD A10 7800
Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X

Everything seems fine, PCI Express works, etc, but sometimes without showing a reason the Audio dissapears If youre using the Realtek drivers or using the speakers from your TV monitor via HDMI through the AMD Drivers. The only way to fix It is restarting the whole computer.

I sold the system cheap to a relative cause she wanted a good computer and I wasnt even squeezing that combo. Even If I updated the BIOS to the latest F11 version the problem still there. I sold It cheap, but I think I made a mistake giving that motherboard, I mean Its a great motherboard, i would have kept It even with the small issue but I wanted something smaller (you guys can check my mini itx system).

I have a PCI Creative soundcard, that could be a solution, Install It on a PCI lane, just give It to them for my big mistake, but I really want to know If somedy has a solution for this weird issue.

Like I said the audio is fine It sounds very clear, It can last days without an issue but suddenly It dissapears. Need to restart the system for the audio again.

The system is using Windows 8.1 64 Bit with the latest Realtek sound drivers (PG390 from 2014/06/10). It also has 1 module of 8GB 2133MHZ KIngston Hyper X Beast on It.

Hope you guys can help me.

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