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Zowie EC2-A or deathadder. - Page 2

Poll Results: Zowie EC2-A or deathadder (chroma)

  • 43% (17)
    Deathadder (chroma)
  • 56% (22)
    Zowie EC2-A
39 Total Votes  
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Razer always have had those comfy groves for index and middle and the sensor is also slightly better but no onboard memory or dpi switch button
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Whatever i set my DA at it stays when i unplug it & use it on other systems.
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Oh really is it the chroma version?
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The Chroma and 2013 do save DPI, polling rate, and led settings.
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Needs fast clicks?

If thats your main requirement, Deathadder hands down, Zowie mice are pretty meh when it comes to click spam
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Will you buy the Razer and expect to be able to use the software without registering? If so, Razer is not for you. That's basically what gets to me the most, and therefore I decided not to use their products. I don't like the shape as well, but that's just because I prefer smaller mice in general even though I have large hands. So, I vote EC2-A.

Watch Rocket Jump Ninja's reviews on both mice if you're interested
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I'd pick chroma
better sensor and side buttons
clicks are kinda easier to spam
worse cable though, but you can change it anyways if you want
both wheels are pretty bad
hand size doesn't matter
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