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Hey gents, I have been out of the game for sometime now, and I am simply looking for a list of software recommended for OC'ing, Bench marking, monitoring.

I just finished up my build, I have used CPUZ, Afterburner and manually OC'd my last build (5years ago) its been a long time tongue.gif

MB: ASUS Deluxe II 2011-v3 - Bitspower North/south Bridge WB
CPU: i7-5930K - Bitspower WB (Mono Block)
RAM:Dominator Platinum 32GB 3200
PSU: EVGA 1000W Super Nova G2
GPU: x2 Gigabyte G1 GTX1070's - EKWB's

480mm OCOOL with x8 120mm fans in a push/pull

AQ6 Pro controlling everything, currently setup for PWM with a Curve control looking at a temp sensor going into the RAD.

Any insight would be great, I just finished up Win10 install and updates, used ASUS BIO to get a +24% OC havent really looked at what it did vs stock yet. Figured I would reach out here and see what everyone recommends.