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r9 390 passive VRM heatsink?

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Hi all.

So purchased a R9 390 and made the mistake of not measuring things up beforehand in my case.

I run a custom water cooled loop and if i removed the R9 390 cooler, my universal block would fit it as well as the card fit in my case no problem.

The issue though, is the VRM's.

Sadly under this ASUS card heatsink, there are no seperate VRM heatsinks to aid in passive cooling. meaning that if i take heatsink off -- which i have to to get it to fit -- the VRM's arn't cooled.

So i've searched the net, in the hopes of finding a separate VRM heatsink i can screw to the card and i turn up nothing. Only images of other brands of the same card that came with the luxury of a separate VRM heatsink.

This is what i have in mind:

I know i could in theory buy those farty little copper heatsinks and glue them in place, or use thermal pads to stick them on, but in my experience they never stay on and fall off alot of the time.

Can anyone offer any assistance? Any replies is gratefully received.
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Since the 390 is essentially a rebadged 290X, I would imagine this would work - https://www.amazon.com/Gelid-Solutions-Vision-Enhancement-R290/dp/B00K73F60E
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