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X99 build vs Z170 for streaming. Price to performance

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Hey guys,

I have been heavily leaning on going with the reasonably more expensive X99 build w/5820k. My research on the pros and cons of both builds have led me to believe that the 5820k will provide me more performance if I am streaming and gaming on the same PC compared to the 6700k. Luckily for me, I can get the 5820k at microcenter for $320 when it is back in stock, but the big price gouger comes with the motherboard price. [ I know of the combo deal that MC offers]. To get to the main point, is the performance difference worth it to drop the extra cash on the X99 build if my aim is to stream AND game on the same rig?

Also, let's assume I did end up going with 5820k. What specific X99 motherboard would you guys recommend if I planned on OC'ing?

Thank you very much.

Also, don't know why the formatting went to ****. Sorry about that.
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I'm not sure how much of a performance difference there will be during streaming. You can use the integrated GPU to handle the video encoding with an i7-6700K, but don't have that luxury going X99. If your budget allows it, going X99 is probably the better call especially if developers take advantage of all the cores available on that platform.
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What do you mean it will help with the video encoding? what if i have a gpu on top of it already?
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Streaming uses your CPU a lot more than your GPU. You can use Intel's Quick Sync to offload the encoding duties to the integrated GPU which you would otherwise not be using. Using your discrete graphics card to encode would likely hurt gaming performance.
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Ah yeah, now I know what you're talking about. The quality of encoding with the iGPU on quicksync is quite poor compared to x264. And i would think the whole point of getting a high end cpu would be to use it to its potential. Thank you for the clarification though, appreciated.
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I'm sure any i7 should be able to handle x264 encoding fairly well, it will just depend on what else your CPU is trying to do at the same time. More CPU-intensive games might not like being streamed with quad cores as much. If you're worried about that potential scenario, you should probably go X99. Otherwise an i7-6700K would be acceptable for your needs.
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