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Long story short, still battling with mouse lag, of what seems to be hardware related. (I guess). I could write books about what I have tried and not, what have made the feeling better and worse, but I'll save you all the time and just say the most important stuff:

Mouse feeling:

Keeps getting faster and slower depending on so many things. If I don't touch the mouse for a minute, and use it again, the first 3 seconds seems alright, but then the lags starts slowly creeping in. If I move my mouse fast all around the place like a retard, and I stop, then move it again, the lag is incredibly noticable, like it got dizzy by the shaking or something. Overall feeling is inconsistent speeds and delay feeling.

One noticable thing that made it so much better is me re-applying the cooler/thermal paste, not that the previous paste was old or anything, I just felt like re-doing it, and put way less thermal this time.. it improved it, but it's not yet there.

What I have already tried:

- 80% of my system is a new build, there is only very few from the old pc left. Probably only the cooler.
- New graphics card
- New RAM
- New motherboard
- New PSU
- New monitor
- New case
- New CPU (bought same time as motherboard and ram 2 months ago)
- Thousands fresh installations of windows 7 + 10
- All drivers, BIOS flashing etc. up to date, and tried previous versions.
- FPS is all good, I can run all games perfectly fine, ONLY the mouse is affected. Not the keyboard or FPS.
- All temps are fine. Graphics card 35-60. CPU 25-40.
- Yes I have tried several mice, none of them wireless.. all wired.
- It's NOT vsync, it's not precision enhance pointer
- I have tried putting everything to High performance.
- Same problem with PS/2 mouse.

This also used to happen with my old system (old cpu, old motherboard, old RAM, same cooler, same graphics card.)

The reason I posted here in the CPU section is because when I re-applied the thermal/cooler things got way better than before. I just can't figure out how it could be relevant by any means... I have re-checked everything 20 times.

I will be forever in debt for the person that can lead me to fix this issue. Been driving me crazy the past 6 months.

MSI B150 Gaming M3
Kingston 16gb 2133 RAM
EVGA Supernova G2 650W
Hyper EVO 212
Fractal Design Define S
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