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Glossy mice?

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I don't know if it's just me or what but on here it seems a lot of people wants or prefers a glossy mouse. Ive honestly been using mice with rubberized coatings for sometime now and I think it just fine, but also I really haven't had a choice..most mice just have a coating on them. However now that there are some glossy mice coming I have a choice.

So I ask is there a reason people prefer glossy mice or is it just a case of "the internet told me it was good"?
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You can get a really nice grip on a glossy mouse, provided you don't sweat. This is why some people prefer them. But if you do sweat, you're effed.

Buying a mouse for it's material is somewhat stupid though. If you're enough of a power user to prefer this or that material, it shouldn't be hard for you to get some tape and tailor any surface you want to your needs.
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Im not really just mostly curious,,,Im looking at the revel and I can get it either glossy or matte rubberized and was thinking maybe i'd try the glossy because people seem to like it.
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People seem to like making selfies. People seem to like Justin Bieber. Etc.

Prefer glossy surface over matte coating, which I prefer over rough paint, which I prefer over rubberized coating. Glossy it is, due to durability and ease of cleaning. But my hand still kinda sweats on it.
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I much prefer glossy as it gives me better grip, my hands don't sweat when gaming wink.gif
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Originally Posted by 3Shells View Post

I much prefer glossy as it gives me better grip, my hands don't sweat when gaming wink.gif

When I was younger I had sweat on my hands like most pubescent deros but since I'm a lot older now, NO sweat on hands ever, even during 40+C days.

Really love any kind of glossy, plasticky surface now, far better than all that sprayed on rubber painted garbage, that will eventually all peel off after some usage.
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I direly hate soft touch coatings. Touching something like this gives me shivers or disgust. Glossy stuff however is extremely pleasant for my touch. I'm fine with just coatless plastic as well.
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Originally Posted by M1st View Post

I'm fine with just coatless plastic as well.

Good point here, more mice should be released with just their basic ABS shell with no coatings whatsoever.

Also Ducky's new all PBT shelled mouse, still gives me orgasms when I touch it. Love it every time I place my right hand upon it devil-smiley-019.gif .
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My favorite type is the ones with hard textured sandy surface.

Soft matte ones eventually rubs off and becomes gross.
Glossy ones catch dirt/oil/sweat/dead skin from hand extremely fast.
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I hate ruber. It will become sticky and wear off
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