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Sapphire Fury Nitro downclocks after crossing 60 degrees C

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Hi everyone, I just recently bought the Fury Nitro, and I'm loving the boost from my old 290. Only challenge I'm having is that the card forcefully downclocks the moment it crosses 60 degrees C in all games (at stock clocks of 1050/500 with +50% power limit). The Fury Nitro is a dual bios card, but both the legacy and UEFI bios come in OC mode AFAIK. Right now, I have the sapphire logo lit up on the card.

Here's what I've determined so far:
  1. This seems to have nothing to do with Crimson or Catalyst, as I have made sure both ULPS and Crimson Power efficiency are off (done through RadeonMod, which is more dependable). Catalyst 15.11.1 also exhibits the same behavior.
  2. Overdrive also has the temp target at a much higher 85, so that's not the issue either.
  3. Clockblocker does not work on this, though it worked on my old 290.
  4. I'm also not seeing this happen on my old R9 290 using exactly the same setup, so this seems to be a feature specific to the Fury Nitro.

How can I go about either increasing the throttling threshold or disabling this altogether? Thanks!

The issue is now resolved using a workaround. My particular card somehow doesn't like running at stock voltages very much. But a simple -12mV undervolt with +50% power limit allows me to hit 1125/550 clocks and hold them rock solid throughout gameplay. I have yet to see it dip down at this point. Very much enjoying the card now smile.gif
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Use Clock Blocker and maybe set a custom fan curve. I have 2 Nitro Furys and they never throttle from my 1120 overclock, despite hitting over 70 degrees on the top card.
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Hey, thanks for the reply. I did try both of those, but they don't seem to help with this issue. I posted in the Fury owner's thread that the only way I got it to maintain the 1050 clock is to lower voltage by -24 mV and lower power limit by -8%. I wonder if I just got a piece with subpar VRMs on it that can't handle temperatures well. Is it worth it to attempt an RMA of this?
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That's really weird behaviour, mine never downclock. Both the top and bottom card sit rock solid at 1120 during gaming, with temps way above 60. And that's regardless of which position the BIOS switch is set to. What driver are you running?
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Oh that's very interesting indeed. This happens with all driver versions (Catalyst 15.11.1, Crimson 16.2, 16.3.1, 16.4.1, 16.7.3). Bad egg then?
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How does the card perform, do you see any big dips when it downclocks? What resolution and setting are you playing at?
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Card performs well in general but I do see dips. For example, a particular scene in Witcher 3 dips from 60 to 62 fps down to 54 when it down clocks. I play at 3440x1440.
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Very weird indeed, what's the rest of your system? Also, crank power limit to +50 despite being in the "blue BIOS". Might also wanna use DDU and reinstall 16.7.3.
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Yup done DDU and install of 16.7.3. I had tried with +50% power limit with the logo lit up (which I guess is the higher tdp bios).same result then too, unfortunately. Rest of system is i5 2500k @4.5ghz, 1000w PSU, win 10.
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Thanks for all the input. I've decided to RMA this piece for a replacement. Spoke to a few others as well, and they did not have any issues maintaining boost clock while gaming under stock settings.
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