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swiftech aoi failure need some advice

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Hello every one first time posting something here, please no trolls seem as if most all forums are plagued with them

But here is my issue, so I got a swiftech h140x soon as it arrived I found a large amount of sediment in it. Swiftech replaced it, took for ever when i got the new one had it for about a week then started to notice that it was leaking. but i was lucky the leak followed the hose down and missed the graphics card by a mm or 2. I talked them into sending me a newer model after doing a bit of research hearing that they have issues some times with leaking at the pump and rad. after about 2 weeks I finally get the h240x2 and sure enough 2 weeks later there is a large crack on the water block and i found this by my computer shut down and seeing that the water block leaked on the graphics card and the water traveled into the pci-e slot. Mind you this has only been over a 3 month period.

Has any one ever had this issue? Where you able to get any of these company that make aio cooling units pay for the contingent damage. Because right now all I get is "sorry we only cover our kits, and we will send you a new one soon as possible". I do all the warranty claims for the company I work for and we cover all result in damage if the product is under warranty.

so I'm looking for some ground to fight on here. For what I know I have lost my r9 390x, msi 970 mother board, my 2 ssds where corrupted when putting them in my media pc and I dont know if that is from the cooler issue or something else but they where fine before this, the memory and cpu idk. I am hoping the components are not dead, once i get a new kit ill retest them. But I'm not getting my hopes up.

Oh and to top it all off they have blocked my email. I was never malicious or spammed them with emails, I was kind and professional with swiftech's employees.

To me it looks like the person putting it together over torqued the fitting and with the fluctuation of the heat, the acrylic top cracked. idk if i have any ground on that.

Any help would be nice, thanks everyone that puts the time into looking at this.
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Unfortunately I don't think you'll be getting your money for the components.

That is exactly why I don't buy Swiftech because their customer service really sucks. Their kits have been plagued with QC problems as well.

Did you do a full 24 hour leak test before switching the components on?
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I did leak test it over night, but this leak popped up after a week 2 weeks of use.
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Hmm. Well, I find it weird that the crack didn't form right away. I'm not blaming you in at all.

I really hope your components still work, but I always tell people to stay away from Swiftech. The only products I'll use are their rads because they're dirt cheap.
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bleh any ways I guess this forces me into upgrading my graphics card and getting zen when it comes out.
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Good way of look at it!

I'd recommend selling the AIO as soon as you get a new one. If you aren't scared out of water cooling, custom is definitely the way to go! We have an awesome community here who would be happy to assist in helping you build a loop.
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I really enjoy water cooling i made a custom loop with my media pc, well kinda went overboard with it and yeah. the gpu is kinda ghetto rigged but it works great.kinda wanted to try out a custom water loop with older components sad thing is I jacked up my better set up playing it safe. any ways thanks for all the help.
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Just got the new h240 x2 in and the pump failed in 5 mins of performing a leak test.
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