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Hi All,

I seen the Titan X released today but the numbers do not look that good but maybe you all can help. I develop interactives for a living. I want to start to develop in 4k with less downtime. So what would you choose for bang for the buck. I just got another Level 10 case last night I like my electronics clean anywho... Here is my current part list. Also I have looked at z170 builds but the speeds are not there yet so any advice would be nice.
I also am stuck between the a cheaper mobo like the Asus Rog Strix and I like the Strix Video cards. I picked the Gigabytes because of the easy multidisplaying on one card. Yea, I know how to go into options but at that price I thought I would give them a go. I would also some day would like to run 3 displays, I would like a large 42+ 4k in the center and 2 smaller screens potrait style on the sides. The other option I was thinking of is 21:9 but they do not go 4k for testing purposes.

Video Card choices best bang for buck for rendering and a little gaming:

1080 GTX Asus Turbo SLI
1080 GTX Asus Strix SLI OC or Not
1080 GTX Gigabyte SLI G1
1080 GTX Titan

I might drop the SLI if I get enough feedback on any noticeable differences on render times between SLI and Single Cards. I wanted to try a M2 but dunno yet.

Here is my part list.