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We Need AMD...or Else

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Whether or not you like AMD, the fact that they and NVIDIA are the only game in the GPU industry means that if one of them goes out of business, the other one will be free to raise prices as much as they want. Simply put, there will be no competition and everyone will have only one option.

Which makes me curious. If you saw AMD on the brink of going out of a business, would you:
1. Buy their video cards even if they weren't as good as NVIDIA's?
2. Donate money to them to help them stay in business?
3. Purposefully recommend their cards over NVIDIA's?
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Bait thread but I'll bite since I don't spend much time browsing the forums these days... If they want to have a chance to succeed, it all boils down how the enterprise, big datas, and scientific market responds to their next gen products. So far there is already fair success with the launch of Polaris GPUs no matter how the excrements the users of this forum throws around over which ever hardware is better. Zen will play a major role on the enterprise of things, and their professional line of GPUs has been rebranded to something I think is now more appealing than ever compared to their Firepro line. Their growing semi-custom contracts and wins is already making traction of their growth and their stocks reflect that as of recent. I see nothing wrong with AMD for years to come.

I'll choose option 4: Shrug my shoulders and move on, regardless of fate and whatnot. Business is business as usual. smile.gif
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