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I have been looking around at itx cases , unfortunately not finding what I am after , but I have noticed that qite a few companies are jumping on the SFX power supply "bandwagon"
Silverstone ( several years ) but now Corsair , FSP , Thermalflake , and a couple of low tier brands .
I was wondering if this is an indication of some "non giant" mini ITX cases ( air cooler friendly ?) coming up or if it is just a blip ?

rant[ Although I currently own a couple of the "giant itx " cases ( and some SG05 s as well ) I would like something in middle ground for air cooling with decent graphics card support , decent hdd support and good airflow . Preferably a vertical motherboard orientation ( not upside down either . sort of like the old Antec or early InWin micro atx cases with 2 pcie slots chopped out and cut down to take a SFX psu either top or bottom mount .
I know - not going to happen ! ] /rant