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So, i have two monitors my primary monitor is of course the Asus PB287Q 4k and my secondary monitor is a 1080p monitor. I recently upgraded to 4k, previously i had two monitors running at 1080p with no issues, but now one monitor running at 4k and the other at 1080p, although obviously i only use the 4k monitor for gaming but still when i am web browsing and not gaming, there is constant clash between the two monitors, which i just came to realize two monitors with different resolutions is not a good idea.

So i was wondering if i buy the ROG swift PG27AQ 4K how better would it be as compared to my current ASUS PB287Q 4K ? i mean i know the swift has G-sync which means less tearing and everything, but is it worth buying as the swift monitor is literally double the price, and the only high end monitor available in my country with official Asus warranty from its supplier here.

Specs Reference link for ASUS PB287Q my current 4k monitor :

Specs Reference link for ROG swift PG27AQ :