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My crappy Asus Z97-P is giving me more and more issues and now it barely works, and it always was the weakest part of my system, it was crashing, turning off my SATA ports, and now it won't even boot, so I decided to send this Asus garbage to RMA, get new motherboard and then sell what I get back from RMA or give it to my younger brother who is going to build entry level gaming PC at the end of the year probably.

My entire system is in my signature if you like to know more, but what is important is that I currently have i5 4690K and i5 5675C and didn't yet decide which one will stay with me (4690K is gone for RMA because of crazy temps caused by Intel thermal paste under IHS degradation after only 1 year, so I got 5675C temporarily until 4690K comes back as I cannot be left without PC for few weeks). I am overclocking until I reach stability issues

Future expansions will be:
- for sure another 8GB or RAM at some point, so total of 4x4 GB (or maybe 2x8 and I will give my 2x4 to my brother)
-more SSDs, at least one
-maybe i7 in future
-there is rather small possibility of Crossfire, but I want to buy mobo for years so I want to have this option backed up

I expect stability and reliability for years, good overclocking, easy to read BIOS, good and stable software to manage fan speeds and etc from desktop and Crossfire support. And obviously no more Asus garbage that dies after 1 year.

My budget is 600 PLN. To avoid currency transition mistakes, here is a list of available mobos in my country in this budget, they are listed from the highest to the lowest price:,600,,,,,,p,1,,29695O971887/1/#product_list

I am able to spend 600 but it would be nice to keep costs low at around 470-500. I don't expect miracles, good looks or whatever, only stability after OC, pure functionality and reliability for years.

Thanks in advance for any help.