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I'm running a ref R9 290X from sapphire with a Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV along with some custom vrm radiators, that I made on my own.

My PSU is a Thermaltake London 550watt 80plus gold.
CPU and MB are: i5 4690K @4,7ghz and ASUS Z97-A
The system is not running in a case but rather on a custom bench, made completely out of glas; cooling is awesome^^

I wanted to overclock my r9 290X and ran into this issue:

I edited the bios via "HawaiiBiosReader" (I'll attach Screenshots of my Bios) and but I can't get a stable OC, because the VDroop is too damn high:
The max clock speeds are set to 1120mhz on the core and the voltage (VID) for those clock speeds is set to 1,3V (which is WAY higher then I'd need to run my GPU at those speeds).
When my GPU is running at 1120mhz in Valley Bench, the voltage (VDDC) is at ~1,18V. Whenever the scenes switch and the gpu is at max speed without any load, the voltage (VDDC) jumps to the 1,3V, I set in the bios.
However half a second later the Voltage (VDDC) goes back to 1,18V as the Benchmark continues and puts the gpu under load again.

The GPU is not stable at 1,18V, but I can't rly get the voltage (VDDC) it any higher.
Even when I set it to 1,35V (VID), the voltage (VDDC) in a game / benchmark is to low to be stable.

I also dont wanna go any higher, since 1,35V is already more than I want my GPU handle.

GPU and VRM Temps are both fine. PSU should also be fine (drawing a max of 450 - 470Watt from the wall, so there is quite some headroom).

I use MSI AB and GPU-Z for temp & voltage readouts.

English not my 1st language, but I hope u could understand everything.