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Very strange issue

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Hi people
I have weird problem and i need your help. I menage to resolve all my problems with searching web and reading but this one is killing me.
So i am playing GTA V...... my wife is asking me to check for here something, i hit Windows key and go browsing Amazon for her.
I am finished browsing and i click GTA V in taskbar to re-open it and start playing it but windows just freeze.
After that moment only problems.
At this moment i have connected my monitor to integrated graphic processor(i7-3770k).
What ever i do in bios i cant get signal from my Gigabyte-ATI 7850
Fans spin and i even see it in my device manager, i updated drivers.
But when i choose in BIOS PCI-e as main graphic i cant get signal on my monitor.
Please any help any advice.
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Have you tried different motherboard slots / Re-seating the card?
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Yes i did, all 3.
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So i installed my mothers graphic card and that card working.
I need one confirmation. I looked power consummation chart and it says if PSU can run HD5770 it shouldn't have problem running HD7850oc. Is that right?
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Maybe, what model is your PSU?
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Corsair RM850
I think card is finished, doomed. I flashed Bios, i reinstall Windows, VGA light is still red.
I don't know what to think. Freezing can kill card? Maybe it was just its time? Maybe just bad sample?
It was Gigabyte 7850OC 2gb. My mother Sapphire 5770 still working and they get in their life same amount of torture(5770 was first in my PC and it now has 6 years).
I know for sure my next card would again be Sapphire.
But why i am complaining? In 11 years of my enjoying of PC world i had only 3 components die on me. Two PSU and this graphic card.
By the way Gigabyte X58 still going strong as first day in my mother PC. What a board. What i did to her.....
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cards die.
they can die while playing a game,watching a movie or in idle as well.
often times it's the PSU that's to blame too. if it's old I'd replace it with a new one as well.
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