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[Buildlog] Custom Watercooled Corsair 900D, 4790k,GTX 980 Black 'n White

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Hello all and welcome to my Build log here on overclock.net.

My name is Daniel 21 years old and a midfield overclocker and Modder from Germany.
I will introduce there my first Buildlog and first Watercooled PC. Previously I had only self built Air Cooled Systems ^^
My biggest dream around the last 2 years was the Corsair 900D Case and a Watercooled PC. And so it began with the purchase of the new Case with so much stuff and place for the coming water cooling.

Feel free to ask questions and talk about the Project.

I was already very fascinated by black and white color and a clean inside look from the PC. So I decided to choose the 900D Case from Corsair with enough space for a high end Watercooling and a cleaned up Case combined with Black 'n White accents.

We mount there the following Parts:

Intel Core I7 4790k (delidded and prepared with liquid metal) OC: 4800 MHZ @ 1,20V
ASRock Z97 OC Formula
G.Skill 16GB (2x8) DDR3 2133 MHZ (overclocked to 2600)
Seasonic X-1250
Samsung 850 Pro 500GB SSD
2x WD Green 2 TB

Alphacool Laing DDC metal bottom - silver nickel (Pump bottom)
Alphacool Laing DDC310 - Single Edition – Schwarz (the pump self)
Alphacool Eisdecke Laing DDC Acetal Aufsatz V.2 (Pump Top)
Alphacool Eisbecher 250mm Acetal Ausgleichsbehälter (Reservoir)

Alphacool NexXxoS UT60 Full Copper 480mm
Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 480mm
Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 480mm
Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mm

Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ Light - Brass Black Chrome
Alphacool D-RAM Modul (für Alphacool D-RAM Cooler) - Black 2 Stück
Alphacool D-RAM Cooler X4 Universal - Plexi Black Nickel
XSPC GTX 980 Full Cover Block

Phobya NB-eLoop 1000rpm - Bionic Lüfter Black Edition ( 120x120x25mm )
Phobya G-Silent 14 700rpm Black Silent Edition ( 140x140x25mm )
Phobya Touch 630 - Fan Controller - Single Bay 5,25" - black
Corsair Air Series SP120 LED Purple High Static Pressure

Alphacool Schlauch AlphaTube HF 13/10 (3/8"ID) - UV Schwarz

Alphacool Eiszapfen Winkeladapter 45° drehbar G1/4 AG auf G1/4 IG - Deep Black
Alphacool Eiszapfen 2 Wege Kugelhahn G1/4 - Deep Black
Alphacool Eiszapfen 13/10mm Anschraubtülle 90° drehbar G1/4 - Deep Black
Alphacool Eiszapfen 13/10mm Anschraubtülle G1/4 - Deep Black Sixpack
Alphacool Eiszapfen Doppelnippel drehbar G1/4 AG auf G1/4 AG - Deep Black

Alphacool HardTube Heat Gun Pro 2000W
Alphacool Spritzflasche 500 ml
Alphacool CKC Cape Kelvin Catcher Clear Kanister 2500ml
Phobya Shroud & Entkopplung 120mm (7mm stark)
Phobya Thermosensor In-Line 2x G1/4 Innengewinde - black matt
Phobya Temperatursensor Innen-/Außengewinde G1/4 - black nickel
Alphacool Eiszapfen Winkeladapter Doppel-45° drehbar G1/4 AG auf G1/4 IG - Deep Black
Phobya Noise Destructor V.1 zur Pumpenentkopplung
Phobya ATX Power Connector 24Pin Stecker inkl. 24 Pins – Black
Phobya HeGrease Extreme 3.5g

… and much more parts ( the rest will be updated from time to time)

removing unusable Case parts (CNC made from Gosumodz.com)
Mounting custom Midplate and Custom MB-Tray (CNC made from Gosumodz.com)
remove 5,25" cage

GTX 1080
Z170 / X99 Basis

Thanks to Eddy from Aquatuning and Esra Hong from Beyerdynamic to supporting and sponsor my Project
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Before i start to post some Case Pics and pictures from assembling, i will will show first me new arrived DT880

Got a package from Beyerdynamic - the DT 880 Manufactured Headphone @ 250 Ohm

Specifications of DT880:

Rated Impedance: 250 Ω
Frequency Response: 5 ~ 35,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 96dB
Weight: 290 Grams
Plug: 3.5mm with screw on 6.5mm Gold plated
Cable: Coiled, Helical stretching type & non removeable.

Aluminium Forks matt black anodized ( Main housing)
suspension black piano lacquer
System Drivers @ 250 Ohm
Semi - open Headphone

Let us see what the DT880 has got for us,

The DT880’s arrive packed inside a cushioned black foam case. Once the case is flipped open, The DT880 is seen resting. Nothing fancy, basic accessories included. But each and every part has a premium quality and feel to it.

List of accessories in the box, which include the following:

¼” Converter: To plug in the DT880 in the 6.5mm headphone jacks.(3.5mm -> to 6,5mm)

Carry case: This is a pleather case, and supplied to protect and store the DT880.

User Manual: Contains instructions to operate the DT880 and other warranty information.

Difference between Pro and Premium versions: The sliding yoke mechanism on DT880 Pro version is really mediocre, due to compromised design compared to premium version. Pro version has practically nothing to stabilize or hold the yokes, which keep wobbling, colliding and hitting the headband, causing scratches.

Premium versions have specific ‘rail’ to stabilize and control the yoke when user shortening/elongating them. Premium versions also have a much better and permanent head cushioning. I also noticed premium versions have a coated headbands, where as the Pro has a black painting, which is relatively of lower quality and peels off. Again the cable is coiled in Pro version and straight on Premiums. The premiums also have a relaxed and comfortable clamp and headband angle, where as pro’s are quite tight and might cause discomfort when they are new. Though both share the exactly same drivers and housings.

Cable has a very good build. It is coiled, flexible and does not get tangled. I could not notice the presence of any microphonics. Plug is straight and gold plated. The stock cable does a great job in transferring signals along with great transparency. But the cable is fixed & not detachable, which is quite disappointing. This can also be troublesome in a long run. If the cable gets damaged/cut one may have to visit Beyer service centre.

Design and Build: The DT880/250 Pro has a great build quality. That being said, Beyerdynamic has made a few compromises in pro version when compared to DT880 premium versions.

The housing shell is made up of high quality forged aluminium & fibre. It isn’t painted, but is anodized, which is again a step forward in engineering. These are light in weight. Headband is made up of steel, covered by a pleather cushion. Earpads are ventilated velours.

Though DT880 is ergonomically designed, it is primarily designed for people with smaller ear size. Enthusiasts with larger ears/heads may not prefer the comfort of DT880. Length of the yoke will be slightly less for a good comfort. We should remember than our ears are not round, but are oval shaped. So this results in our ears touching the edges of earpad or inner area. Our ears are soft and sensitive, and this contact results in pain or discomfort.

DT 990 Pro next to DT 880


Beyerdynamic is well known, established one of the oldest audio brand specializing in the area of headphones and IEM’s. They are headquartered in Germany. Their products are all designed, developed & made in Germany. DT880 line is a very popular and long running headphone offering from Beyer.


The 250 ohm Premium DT880 has a hard plastic outer shell, metal grill and yolks, sprung steel inner headband covered in very soft padding with a leatherette cover. The earpads are a grey extremely soft velour, and there is a black foam disc covering the transducers and protecting them. The single sided cable (attached to the left ear cup) is approximately 4mm in diameter and 3m in length. The cable consists of some very thin inner fabric coated copper wiring (I know because I recabled a previous pair) with a thick PVC outer sheath for protection. The sheath is a little ‘plasticky’ for my tastes – but does roll easily. It is permanently attached. The plug is a 3.5mm threaded gold plated stereo plug, and comes with a threaded 6.3mm adaptor which fits perfectly. The earpads of DT880 may feel somewhat itchy to sensitive skinned enthusiasts.


Whilst I’ve used both headphones for gaming (DT 880 and 990 Pro)– and I used to use the DT990 Pro quite extensively over the previous 2-3 years – since getting the 880 they have become my go-to headphones. For FPS particularly, they are both immersive plus have the additional staging, imaging and clarity to give me the edge in situations that require it. I know it’s an expensive way to go for gaming – but the combination of long term comfort, positional accuracy and gaming immersion make them a real winner.

Sound: The DT880 has a neutral character, with slightly hot treble. ‘Accuracy’ is the key term.

Amp: These DT880’s are rated at 250 ohms, and are not designed to be power efficient or run by weak sources and hence need a dedicated headphone amplifier. Although DT880 can sound ‘good’ with setups like setup like an O2/ODAC or an Fiio E10k. I tested both devices and am truly amazedof the sound.

Special thanks to Beyerdynamic

DT 880 Manufacture Link : Click me
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