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i7 6700k

Z170 M5 gaming by MSI

Cant find the options of voltage and clock in menu. Installed all versions of intel extreme tuning utility windows 10 supports. Im wondering why I paid extra for a motherboard with inferior featuresets. With an asus board I got it with a reasonable voltage bump to 2.83ghz. Stock is I think 1.25ghz if I remember correctly. With fast DDr4 like I have, its pretty impressive for what it is. I have crossfire R9 390X, but its going to make a difference come DX12 multi adapter. Any help appreciated.

I already contacted intel. I will turn it into harassment if they dont respond. Its absurd they spent extra paying a discrete graphics company to help them with skylakes actually decent if its overclocked with good ram APU, but it is unfindable in the menu unlike with previous integrated graphics chipsets, which by the way, were total trash before skylake. Ive read they support freesync which is ironic considering nvidias relation to the hardware on die, but what the hell is the point if you cant OC it? MSI motherboards suck. Im never buying anything from them again out of principle for more reasons than I have provided here including their pathetic customer service.
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