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Exchanged my MSI X99 SLI Plus for the edition 10 the other day aand a test fit of my SLI 980 s revealed the GPU s wont go in due to the I/O shroud covering the rear I/O connectors. It's too far down towards the upper PCIe slot..

As it happens, a bloody heatpipe connects the I/O shroud to the VRM heatsink directly above the CPU socket so just removing the I/O shroud seems to be anything but trivial without ruining the thermal solution ASUS has in place around the socket.

Does anyone know if it s possible to remove the I/O shroud without having to remove the VRM heatsink above the socket as well?

If this wont fly ill be forced into buying the EKWB monoblock which requires you to remove the entire original shroud/vrm heatsink assembly anyway. Kinda sucks since I already have the nickel supremacy evo which I thought was perfectly enough.