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High idle temps on 5960x on custom loop?

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Hey guys

Currently running i7 5960x with 2x GTX 980Tis in the same loop with ram water blocks and 2x EKWB PE 360 radiators with Corsair SP120 Quiet PWM fans on a single D5 pymp

I've noticed that my idle temps for my CPU are around 40-50 degrees both overclocked and non overclocked

I was wondering could there be a reason behind these high temps or is it normal with my setup because of the heat from other components in single loop? I double it is because of poor block placement
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Did you just build the custom loop? or make any changes?

What CPU block are you using? what are the idle temps of the other components?

Can you maybe post a picture your set up?
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Yes I just recently build the loop from scratch, using an supremacy EVO with the X99 jetplate and running a ROG Swift monitor

GPU1: 37 C
GPU2: 37 C
CPU: 43 C

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lastly, what is the ambient temperature? Those idle temps look like you're in the dessert. GPU seem to be a bit hot too, I doubt your block has to be reseated.

I can only think of 2 things, your ambient temp is hot, and you're using a poor performing thermal compound. Using too much thermal paste can also be the cause of high temps.
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My ambient temps is about 78 C and I've turned off all overclocks for the time being and still same temperatures
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Also I have my vario pump on 5 right now just to make sure it isn't due to flow restrictions
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Err... 78F right? Nobody can survive 78C, you will faint at about 65C. biggrin.gif

Still that aside. IMHO for starters loop lacking rad space. CPU, 2xVGAs, 2xRAM blocks. That's awfully close in hot climate, without overclocking. When you OC you need 240 fan space for each component cooled. Considering that you cooling 5 pieces and 3 are OCed (ignoring for a moment you disabled OC temporarily) that's = 3x240 just to cool OCed stuff. Without OC it's barely enough. 5960X dumps about 200W easily when OCed. In current setup there is no cooling headroom at all. And that's bad.

Single D5 pump is not up to the job. From what I gather you pushing coolant upward from bottom via all blocks. Technically it shouldn't matter, but without enough head pressure it does. I bet that performance would be better if you sent coolant from the pump to the top location with a straight tube and then allow coolant to flow using gravity as an ally. IMHO there is far too many 90 degree fittings for one pump + 3 high restriction blocks which compound the problem. I counted 12 fittings which are 90 deg. With two pumps in series it's no problem, for lone D5 that's one giant bottleneck there. Simplest solution put 2 D5 in series and you will instantly notice big improvement - even considering limited heat exchange area.

Seriously you need more rad space. Put one at the back of the case - I know it's tight in TT cases with top rad, but you can put 30mm rad with 12mm slim Scythe fan and it will work perfectly.
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Yes sorry 78F haha, but I Okay I agree with you on the restrictions but what do you mean by more rad space? I'm running 2 360 35mm thicks and not slims but I do have the top fans pulling and front intake pushing and no exhaust. The weird thing is that the CPU idle and under gaming load (Overwatch) delta is only like 10 C and from my past CPUs, OW for some reason always makes my CPU run pretty hot. I'm working with a mid tower Noctis 450 so Fitting that 2nd D5 will be tricky, I'll be upgrading to 1080 sli with block soon and will see how the temps are then and will probably redo the loop and maybe take the rams out.
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Another thing i'll mention, when I was filling the loop, it actually took me a while for the water to flow through the loop to that 2nd radiator up front, I had to move the case in all sorts of directions but once there was a connection between the fluid it all gushed out eventually
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How fast are your rad fans spinning at idle? Those temps arent great but they aren't terrible either.

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