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Hi all,

So like the title says its Fujitsu Siemens D2530 socket 771 board Intel 5000v chipset (primergy/econel 200 S2). It came stock with some crappy Xeon 5110 in one cpu slot, second is empty.

I have X5450 from my 771/775mod build laying around so I removed sticker and 5110 from the board and put X5450 in. Fired it up and it just hangs on the bios splash screen. So I thought it might be old bios, checked, bios is latest version. Then I edited bios and put corresponding microcode for x5450 and still the same. Ram was 2x512mb 533 so I ordered 4x4gb 667 and still the same.

I checked Intel datasheet on 5000v and x5450 is listed as supported.

Does anyone have any idea what to do next?