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Hello everyone,

I overclocked my cpu to 4.5GHz. I ran Prime95 and opened CPU-Z to test it but noticed that the clock speed was extremely low (200x7 multiplier) even when it was under load. It wouldn't rev up at all. I did some digging and noticed that the slow mode switch was on, so I turned it off. After that it refuses to boot. I can't even get to BIOS even after an update and clearing CMOS. I turned slow mode back on and it still won't Post. I get the Q-Code 5D and i got 5E once after re-seating the RAM and using only 1 stick in the 1B slot.

Any Ideas would be great. Thank you in advanced.

Components are:

Mobo - Asus Crosshair V Formula Z
CPU - AMD FX-8350
RAM - G.Skill Sniper (4x4GB) 1866
Graphics - 1 GTX EVGA 980Ti FTW
PSU - EVGA Supernova 1000W 80 plus Gold
SSD - Samsung 840 Pro 128GB
HDD - WD Black 1TB
Cooling - Custom loop
Temps have never reached 40C