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6700K under AIO cooling issues

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I have a problem on a brand new 6700K:
  • I purchased 6700K "used" but in a sealed box and a motherboard (ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming) used.
  • My cooling is a H75 AIO in pushpull using 2 noctua.
  • I've change 3 times my thermal paste to be sure it was not the problem (Noctua) using "pea size" or "rice" method...
  • Fans were setup full speed for all my tests and the pump is on CPU FAN socket in DC 100% mode.
  • I can feel the water thru the AIO so the pump is functioning.
  • I use to test my setup RealBench. I've made some test using the x264 test or Prime95 2.66 and temps are even higher.

My temp at stock voltage (loaded default optimized bios) are 22-30 idle but more than 80 in burn (I shut down the test when it reached 84°)
Vcore at stock was up to 1.40.
Here is a screenshot after 10min of RealBench http://i.imgur.com/MH7U2DA.png

What i've done after checking my whole setup and loaded default bios 3 times (and checked fans etc...) is that I lowered the VCORE. I found out that I was stable at 4.4 @ 1.29 in adaptive, and temps are "OK": 75 under RealBench and 81 under Prime. http://i.imgur.com/hLeAGFX.jpg

My question is simple: Are those temps normal for stock vcore? or is my CPU defective?

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I just ran prime95 earlier and with my H110 cooler, and temps hit around 78c @ 4.5ghz auto voltage (1.27v~1.29v). So I would say yeah, those are normal.
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Thanks for the quick feedback.
I see many people with OC of 4.6 and at least 1.35-40V (VCORE). How do they sustain that heat?
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Must have better cooling. My H110 is quite old and I think it's doing it's job smile.gif
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Well I start to feel better, Thanks Ukic !
But i'm really surprised that intel ships a CPU that out of the box require a super high end cooler. I was thinking that my H75 could handle a 1.35/4.6Ghz 6700K with ease, I figure it out the hard way.
Someone has any experience with the H105?

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