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Hey everyone, Im looking for some guidance on a new monitor.
Im currently using a 60" vizio 4k @ 60hz, reverting to 1080P 120hz setting for games requiring faster/smoother response.
However Id like to find the best of both worlds and try out the Gsync and other new technology and it seems this is 1440P @ 144hz through the XB271HU or PG279Q.
The downside is I cant seem to find a monitor bigger than 27", and I prefer something 30-36" for this resolution.
Anything larger seems to only come in 21:9 ratio and Im not sure Id like an Ultra wide monitor such as the X34 or PG34.
I play mainly CS:GO and Dota, am very excited for BF1!, and I have heard Ultrawides are difficult to play MOBAs with using traditional mouse monitor movement.
Is there any monitor coming out soon that will be worth waiting for over the XB271 or PG279?

If not, of the two I was leaning towards the XB271HU.
It seems Best Buy has recently listed these for $549.99 which is the best price I could find by far but they are sold out online.
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