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RX480 Modify bios or Overclock Linux ?

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I have one purpuse: overclock my RX480 cards, use some powertuning options to lower wattage.
In linux there is no OC tool for RX480 cards to it is impossible to overclock anything.
Or meaby someone figured this already out ?

Anyway question:
Is it possible to store original bios from RX480.
Then prepare bios with OC saved permanently and some downvolting options so it would work in linux where there is no OC tool ?
Also if something will be wrong with card (like broken FAN or etc) is it possible to flash back original bios so AMD wont refuse my warranty ?
Or is moded bios = no warranty ?
Or is there a change to restore bios so AMD wont see that it was flashed ? tongue.gif
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People do it each generation so I assume it will be the same for this one. Someone will release a tool that will allow you to dump your current bios and flash a new one (which includes flashing the original back - pretty sure even if you lose your original bios, the maker of the card will be able to provide you with a bios if you ask them, I've done this with EVGA, so I assume others would do the same).

Probably wait for someone to create the editing tool or create on yourself tongue.gif
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Yes you can edit the BIOS and flash but the cards wont be recognized by the driver in Windows anymore. Linux driver doesn't check for AMD signing. Read the first 20 pages or so of: http://www.overclock.net/t/1604567/polaris-bios-mod-rx480

edit: If you have integrated video, you can re-flash a bricked card.. so yeah you can go back to the original BIOS

Also yes, good idea to back up your BIOS before flashing.
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