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Originally Posted by badben25 View Post

Only took 8 posts! Now make up some lyrics please!
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Originally Posted by Alya 
That looks absolutely terrifying.

My thoughts exactly. I've always hated the WMO shape and this looks like it makes it usable, but man... Damn. This is just wrong. There are some things you just shouldn't do.

OP - you missed one. CM Spawn/Xornet. It not only doesn't have a big butt, it literally doesn't have a butt at all.

But it's a weird damn shape. Thoroughly unique. I owned it for a short while but I had to return it for being way too wide. The ringer finger sits at an ideal position and everything would be perfect if that position wasn't treated as a "finger rest". The mouse unfortunately extends far wider and forces you to stretch out your pinky where I would want to do the exact opposite. But hey, it's designed as a claw grip mouse in the most literal sense imaginable and not intended for types like us.
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Originally Posted by Bucake View Post


Maybe if it had just a little bit more in the back...

Oops made a g303.

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I'd really like a Fatal1ty mousepad again.
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