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Looking for a new case for my next rig. Requirements are quire unusual, so:
-Preferably EATX/SSI-EEB motherboard
-NO 5.25" bays
-preferably 2x140 fans on top.
-5+ 3.25" internal drives.

What would be my perfect case:
3x140 fans on front panel, no 5.25 drives at all. Lots of 3.25" behind front panel.
2x140 fans on top panel, 3x140 - even better.
1x140 on the back.
I don't want any doors on the front, just plain mesh on the front.

Possible candidates:
NZXT S340 (I really really like that one, but there's no 3.25 drives ;(
NZXT H440.
Antec P380
Antec S10
and others.

So... What are alternatives? What I'm missing?