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I discovered something in the process of working on some issues my computer has been having.

So i have been getting throttling in some games since i got this laptop. It is most likely motherboard related since my CPU does not get above 72°C and the thermal throttling indicator never comes on and there's really not much I can do about it besides underclock and locking my fans on high.

What i have discovered is that in these games I get a smoother framerate (not faster on average) without turbo boost on. So basically there are more individual slow frames with turbo boost on then with it off. I am using a 144hz monitor with v-sync on so the cutoff times for the frames are as such.
1 frame ~ 6.94ms (144fps)
2 frames ~ 13.88ms (72fps)
3 frames ~ 20.83ms (48fps)

The games I have tested this with are overwatch and elite dangerous.

This is not related to the throttling since my core speeds stay consistent during the testing of these games.

These are games that use a fair amount of the CPU and are running efficient multi threaded code. With games like heroes of the storm that are less efficient I'm better off overclocking as much as I can.
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